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Biogas plant services

Biogas services to meet your every need. Thanks to twenty years’ experience in the industry, we provide customized consultancy and carry out work on our own biomass loaders and other-brand systems. Our goal is to provide service that is always highly effective and productive.

AGB BIOGAS assistance service

Ensuring biogas plants provide 100% performance

Biogas plant feed system consultancy, feeding system maintenance, screw replacement, mixing system repairs and more.
AGB provides everything from routine maintenance work on stationary feed mixers, push-floor solid feeders, biogas plant loaders and screw conveyors of every type to replacement of the internal components of a digester (e.g. mixer), from the AISI 304 inner linings of biomass mixing tanks to the installation of stainless steel piping, optimization of the entire biogas plat feed system and in-depth consultancy services: in short, all the technical assistance needed to ensure perfect operation of biogas plant feed systems.
We can supply screw conveyors or mixing screws as per your requests and adapt sizing and flow rates to the specific biogas plant.
We can also carry out maintenance on auger and lobe pumps and supply the relative spare parts.

AGB Biogas - sostituzione pattini in PE

AGB BIOGAS brand machine maintenance

Work, spare parts and revamping on competitors’ systems

Manutenzione riscaldamento interno digestore

Biogas plant and digester maintenance

Ducting, piping

Coclee e rivestimento carro miscelatore biomasse

Mixing screws and linings for mixer tanks

Biogas plant feed system consultancy

Consulenza sistemi di alimentazione impianto Biogas

Kramp spare parts:

spare parts for agricultural equipment, tractors and earth moving machines, forestry and gardening machines, hydraulics and transmissions.

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