Spare parts for screw-type mixers and screw conveyors in biogas plants

Trust AGB to provide spare parts and proper maintenance of screw conveyors in biogas plants

Screw conveyors for biogas plants

Screw conveyors are an essential part of any biogas plant. They are found:

  • Inside the mixers that chop up and homogenise the biomass that feeds the digesters
  • In the various conveying/loading stages that carry the material from the mixer to a pump or directly to the digester

Screw conveyor breakdowns or damage inevitably bring the plant to a halt so it is crucial to proceed with replacement promptly. AGB Biogas can produce made-to-measure parts quickly to minimise machine downtimes. 

Spare parts for screw-type mixers

The mixer tank screw conveyors are equipped with blades (or cutters) that chop and blend the biomass and waste materials, preparing them for conveyance to the digester.

Biogas plant mixers may be fed with different types of solid material. This puts a strain on the mixing screws and can result in damage or breakage of the blades.

AGB Biogas can quickly supply blades of different sizes, both in stainless steel and hardened steel, and can have them replaced promptly.

Spare parts for screw conveyors

Screw conveyors are also an essential part of the system that feeds the digester, starting from the mixing hopper.

Here, AGB Biogas can design, produce and install various spare parts for screw conveyors such as:

  • Gearmotors
  • Augers
  • Guides
  • Shafts

AGB products are synonymous with quality and guarantee solidity, efficiency and durability.