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Biogas plant feed systems in the agri-food sector

AGB Biogas offers innovative, efficient solutions to manage agri-food waste. Our biogas plant feed systems ensure that what was once considered mere waste, a by-product or crop residue, can now be transformed into a valuable resource for the production of electricity, heat or biogas.

These systems can process a wide range of organic materials, including:inclusi:

  • fruit and vegetables
  • winery waste
  • vegetable waste
  • organic residues from the food industry

Mixers and push-floor solid feeders for agri-food waste

Many highly advanced solutions are available: these include hoppers, screw-type mixers and push-floor solid feeders. This technology is essential for ensuring the constant, controlled feed of biogas plants, optimising the anaerobic decomposition process and maximising biogas production.

Biomass hoppers (Push-floor solid feeders) are designed to receive and store solid organic material, while screw mixers (Biomixers) have the task of preparing and blending the various substrates. Both feed systems, equipped with fully stainless steel screw conveyors, carry the biomass to the digester evenly and efficiently.  This ensures all materials are properly processed, aiding high-efficiency conversion into biogas.


Biogas plant feed technology for agri-food companies

Using such feed systems is particularly advantageous for the food and agri-food industries, which can thus transform their waste into a renewable source of energy.

Are you looking for a first-rate feed system for biogas plants designed to make the most of agri-food, fruit and vegetable and wine-making waste? AGB Biogas is your trusted partner for the design, production and installation of push-floor solid biomass feeders, loading hoppers and screw conveyors!

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