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Replacement of biomass screw conveyors in Piedmont



AGB Biogas revamped the feed systems of a biogas plant, located in the province of Alessandria, that required replacement of the biomass screw conveyors.

The problem was that the screw conveyors were completely worn and beyond repair. Their fast, efficient replacement was therefore essential.

AGB Biogas supplied a new set of screw conveyors, specifically designed to simplify any maintenance tasks. In this case, we opted to replace the vertical and inclined screw conveyors by making a hole in the biogas plant roof and inserting the new screw conveyors from above instead of from the side.

The same design was used on another 1MW biogas plant with the same problem belonging to the same customer.


Before after replacement biomass screw conveyors

Worn screw conveyors: why replace them?

Revamping has rewarded the customer with numerous advantages, such as:

  • First and foremost, the new screw conveyors were designed to ensure optimal energy efficiency, thus reducing biogas plant running costsInstallation took just one day, thus limiting machine downtime and minimising interrup-tion to production
  • The new screw conveyor system has made the biogas plant easier to manage and maintain in the long term

Revamping of biogas plant feed systems in Piedmont

Whether you’re in Italy or abroad, if your biogas plant needs revamping, you’ll find a trusted part-ner in AGB Biogas! Our many years’ experience in the sector and our sharp focus on innovation en-sure we’re able to offer customised, efficient solutions that make your biogas plant more efficient and easier to manage. Contact us for further information!

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