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Italy: biomass mixer and biomass screw conveyors in Bologna

For the Mengoli farm in Castenaso (BO), we have created a new biomass loader that finally ensures faster production times.

Biomixer and screw conveyors
Biogas plant with AGB hopper “Biomixer”

Push floor dosing feeder for Agricultural Companies

The “Mengoli Rino, Mauro and Gianni” farm in Castenaso, near Bologna, produces high quality dairy milk for customers such as Granarolo and was one of the first Italian companies to build a biogas plant; at the time it chose German technology for the feed system.

These machines caused numerous problems in terms of both their effective lifespan and maintenance. So much so, in fact, that when the system broke down irreparably, the farm was only too happy to switch supplier and choose an AGB BIOGAS biomass feeder on the basis of our highly reputable products and the fact that both firms are located in the same area.

The advantages of the AGB Mixing Hopper

So, since 2015 the farm’s 380 kW biogas plant has had a new biomass loader, the AGB Biomixer, complete with conveyor screws that carry the material to the digester. This feed system is suitable for the shredding and mixing of barley, corn and triticale silage and sub-products of agricultural origin.

This system has greatly reduced the time taken to repair breakdowns, ensuring much better continuity and linearity of work.
“This machine is far more solid that its predecessor,” states Mauro Mengoli. “The prices are quite high but the equipment and the assistance service are just what I was looking for. I’m very satisfied now.”

Are you interested in the design and installation of push floor dosing feeder and mixing hopper in Italy and throughout Europe? Rely on AGB Biogas’ biomass feeding systems for biogas plants!

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