Spare parts for biogas plants

Spare parts for feed systems

To ensure proper operation of biogas plants it is necessary that push-floor solid feeders and hoppers be maintained in excellent working order to prevent breakdowns or faults.

The AGB Biogas spare parts service aims to improve the performance of biogas plants from a mechanical/parts perspective by using only high-quality spare parts and components.

AGB Biogas supplies all kinds of spare parts for:

  • Feed systems
  • Screw conveyors
  • Push-floor solid feeders 
  • Mixers 


A good feed system is essential for optimal biogas plant performance; this is why AGB Biogas supplies every type of spare part for your system:

  • Reducers 
  • Weighing systems and weighing system spare parts (sensors, control units, scales and displays)
  • Manual and pneumatic valves
  • Hydraulic cylinders and control units
  • Biogas screw conveyors (mixing augers and screw conveyors for biogas


The wide range of producers and the outstanding quality of our spare parts ensure a long working life and high levels of safety. We provide products made by leading brands, such as Kramp.

Should, instead, you require a customised product our technicians can design and tailor-make the part to match your plant! We have highly specialised designers, experienced in the construction of all feed system spare parts.

Contact AGB Biogas to see our range of high-quality, ready-to-install spare parts and components for biogas plants!