Reducers for biomass screw conveyors and mixer tanks

Trust AGB Biogas to supply spare parts and replace biogas plant reducers

Reducers for screw conveyors

The reducer, whether parallel or orthogonal-axis, is a key part of the biomass screw conveyors used in biogas plants. This is because it allows transmission of motor movement to the screw itself and application of the desired speed via various reduction gears.

Given its purpose, however, it is one of the most stressed parts of a loading system and its failure can compromise operation of the entire plant.

For this reason, AGB Biogas uses only the most trusted reducer brands and always puts forward the solution that best suits the specific plant in question.

Reducers for mixer tanks

Reducers play a key role not just in conveyor screws: they are also vital to the mixing systems that chop and blend the biomass before it is sent to the digester.

The reducer undergoes considerable strain as it has to counteract the resistance of the material being mixed: this is especially so with solid biomass that requires more ‘breaking up’. Reducers must therefore be of excellent quality, strong and long-lasting.

If a mixing tank reducer breaks, AGB Biogas will intervene promptly to replace it with a top-quality reducer made by a leading brand.