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Installation of biomass loading hopper at a biogas plant in Cremona

We were contacted by a Cremona-based company to design the hoppers, mixing tanks and screw conveyors for a biogas plant in the agricultural and livestock sector.

Mixing tank with 2 mixing screw conveyors

Biogas plant feed system 

AGB Biogas recently completed the design and construction of a feed system for a major biogas plant at a farm in the province of Cremona, Lombardy.

The customer needed to install a feed system capable of cutting, mixing and conveying agricultural and livestock by-products to the digester.

The solution proposed by AGB Biogas technicians includes:

  • a 40 m3 Biomixer hopper;
  • a mixing tank equipped with two steel mixing screw conveyors with blades, ideal for cutting and mixing the farm’s solid and fibrous by-products;
  • stainless steel screw conveyors for efficient transfer of the material to the digester, thus optimising the feed to the fermenter.

Software-controlled loading hopper

The loading hopper, controlled via software and the control panel, doses the materials precisely according to the customer’s needs. Furthermore, a remote control system makes management even more efficient.

This project is an excellent example of innovation in the biogas plant sector. By focusing on the precision dosing of materials and user-friendly biomass management via software and a remote control panel, AGB Biogas has again demonstrated its reliability as a skilled partner for the creation of cutting-edge biogas plant feed systems. Contact us to start your project!

Tramoggia gestita tramite software
Software-controlled hopper

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