Feed system maintenance in biogas plants

Why it’s important to invest in biogas plant maintenance

Every minute of plant downtime entails considerable economic loss. How to remedy this problem? Proper maintenance of biogas plant feed systems ensures maximum plant efficiency and pre-vents faults and breakdowns!

Thanks to unmatched technical skills and experience in installing feed systems worldwide, AGB Biogas is able to act quickly to minimise issues that can affect plant productivity.

Our maintenance services

AGB Biogas performs maintenance work on all components, including:

  • Biomass screw conveyors
  • Hoppers for biogas plants
  • Screw-type biomixers
  • Push-floor solid feeders for biogas plants
  • Screw-type biomass mixers
  • AISI 304 internal linings of biomass mixing tanks
  • Stainless steel piping
  • Auger and lobe pumps

We follow our customers every step of the way

Our maintenance service involves:

  • Gaining a clear understanding of the issue  through phone consultation or on-site inspection
  • Meticulous analysis of the problem by our technical department, which assesses the maintenance and repair tasks needed to restore optimal plant functionality
  • Identification of the most efficient solution and procurement of the necessary materials, tools/instruments
  • Execution of maintenance and repair or replacement of damaged components

All biogas plant feed system maintenance tasks can be carried out:

  • In Italy and abroad 
  • On AGB plants and even those of our competitors

Contact us for an initial consultation or an inspection! AGB guarantees prompt, state-of-the-art maintenance services.