Spare parts for weighing systems

Precision and reliability are essential when weighing the organic materials and biomass to be conveyed into the digester. That’s why AGB Biogas supplies weighing systems and spare parts of outstanding quality.

Weighing system spare parts

Our systems can interface with all biogas plant software systems. They ensure high performance and accurate weighing of manure, agri-food waste, fruit and vegetables, silage and crops, etc.

We provide spare parts for all weighing system components:

  • Weighing sensors
  • Sensor supports
  • Weighing control unit
  • Repeater displays

Furthermore, a wide range of accessories allows us to offer high levels of customisation.


AGB Biogas obtains its weighing system spare parts from the most trusted brands on the market. We deliver customised solutions that adapt to the technical and design needs of your biogas plant.

All our weighing systems are user-friendly, ensuring you maximise productivity and boost the effi-ciency of your plant. Contact our technical department for a consultancy service tailored to your needs!