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Biomass feeding system for a biogas plant in Switzerland

We have designed and installed a new feeder system for the biogas plant at the Swiss prison.

Biomass biomixer
Hopper “Biomixer” and screw with bottom loading

Replacement of biomass screw mixer

The farm belonging to the prison in the Swiss city of Cazis houses a 250 kW biogas production plant that has been in operation for 10 years.
The farm had been using one of our loaders for a long time. Given their satisfaction with the machine, the prison director contacted us and asked us to supply a replacement machine.

Hopper for manure, waste, and organic refuse

We therefore supplied a feed system that processes manure, food waste and biodegradable organic waste, together with a screw conveyor system with a bottom loading system to feed the digester. In this way the plant can, at full capacity, produce electricity, thermal energy and organic fertilizer.
The farm’s biogas plant has a modular set-up, making it ready for any future expansion.

Are you interested in the replacement service of screw conveyor systems that process manure and organic material waste to biogas plants in Switzerland and throughout Europe? Rely on AGB Biogas’ biomass feeding systems for biogas plants!

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