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Feed Systems for Biogas Plants fuelled with OFMSW

In the waste treatment and renewable energy production fields, proper management of OFMSW (Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste) represents a significant challenge… and a unique opportunity. Our company, a specialised designer and builder of biogas plant feed technologies, leads the way with innovative solutions for the conversion of OFMSW into energy.

Feed hoppers for biogas plants that use OFMSW

The feed hoppers that we design and manufacture are highly suitable for processing OFMSW. These systems are essential for the efficient, safe feed of organic material to the anaerobic digester in which biological processes allow for the production of electricity, heat and biomethane. Our extensive experience ensures we’re able to provide loading hoppers that not only meet the specific needs of biogas plants, but are also designed to:

  • ensure a constant, controlled flow of material to the digesters
  • maximise the efficiency of the energy conversion process

AGB Biogas feed technologies can also handle OFMSW. This versatility is crucial for biogas plants seeking to maximise the energy potential of municipal waste, thereby significantly reducing environmental impact and promoting a more sustainable society.

Are you looking for feed technologies for biogas plants fuelled with OFMSW and other types of municipal waste? AGB Biogas is your trusted partner for the design, production and installation of push-floor solid biomass feeders, loading hoppers and screw conveyors!

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