Biogas plant feed system consultancy

AGB is your consultant for the maintenance, repowering and revamping of biogas plant feed systems

Why do you need a consultant for your feed, load and hopper systems?

Got a new biogas plant to be fed, but not sure which product best suits your needs? Want to keep your plant running efficiently but not sure who to talk to? Is your system getting old and not as profitable as it once was?

AGB Biogas has the answers to all these questions!

Routine and unscheduled maintenance

Biogas consultants can provide you with a comprehensive check-up on the efficiency of your feed systems, loaders and hoppers. More specifically, we’ll look for any damage or faults and suggest routine and unscheduled maintenance tasks to solve problems and restore proper plant efficiency.

Repowering and revamping

A system that is dated or of sub-optimal design is a system that reduces profitability. AGB Biogas consultants analyse your feed system and identify where any repowering or revamping work needs doing.

These two terms indicate all those tasks intended to upgrade the plant (repowering) or modernise components that are obsolete or no longer working efficiently (revamping).

On-site inspection for the design and maintenance of biogas plants

The AGB Biogas technical department carries out inspections on farms in Italy and abroad. Their purpose is to identi-fy the best solution for implementation of a new biogas plant feed system or for the replacement or improvement of a pre-existing component.

During inspection, we carefully analyse the customer’s needs and make a comprehensive assessment of any tasks that need doing. Once in possession of this data, the technical department proposes customised solutions to meet design requirements and improve the performance of the biogas plant.

We design and build your biogas plant feed project

AGB Biogas actively partners with designers of biogas plants and final customers to complete standard and custom-ised feed systems.

Are you a biogas plant designer? Why choose us as a partner?

Today’s plant designers demand fast completion times and outstanding reliability. To meet these needs, AGB Biogas is the perfect partner:

  • Our technical department is always ready to assist the designer during the plant design phase, providing support and experience to create a biogas feed system that’s tailored to every specific need
  • At the start of the project we perform an initial inspection to ensure adequate assessment of all feasible options

Are you a designer looking for a long-term technical partner? Relying on a sole supplier like AGB simplifies the pro-cess of building the biogas plant feed system, ensuring high quality and optimal efficiency.

Converting a biogas plant into a biomethane plant

The biogas sector is constantly expanding, offering new development prospects in both agriculture and industry.

The biggest opportunity lies in converting a biogas plant (used to produce electricity and fertilisers) into a plant for the production of biomethane.

In this case, consultancy is crucial as it allows clear identification of the most economical, efficient way of converting the plant. It also identifies the components that require modification, such as the loading hoppers, which are usually larger in biomethane plants.