Biogas plant revamping and upgrade

When a feed system appears to have reached the end of its working life, the only solution to keep the production line running would seem to be a new system. However, what if there were a way to improve this system and make it last longer?

This solution exists and is called revamping: let’s look at what this involves…

What is revamping?

This term derives from the verb “to revamp”, meaning to renew or modernise. In industry, it refers to the restructuring and renovation of systems that implement improvements.

Revamping aims to extend the working life  of the machines and upgrade the production process. This solution can, in fact, renew obsolete cycles by merging them with cutting-edge technologies, delivering a boost to productivity without having to change the plants.

When talking about revamping, it’s also crucial to take cost into account: revamping an existing system with modern technology is much less expensive than having to start from scratch with a completely new production system.

However, in cases where revamping of the feed system is not feasible, AGB Biogas can proceed with its complete replacement!

Upgrading: from biogas to biomethane

The biogas sector is expanding and the recent opening-up of the biomethane market
 offers outstanding development opportunities for biogas producers.. In addition to having the same uses as natural gas, biomethane also allows for the creation of new markets, bringing benefits such as:

  • Development of the local economy
  • Lowering dependence on imports 
  • Environmental safeguards 

 As part of its range of services, AGB Biogas can adapt biogas plant feed systems to convert them to biomethane plant use, both on AGB-brand plants and those of its competitors.

Should you require advice or an on-site inspection, please don’t hesitate to contact us: our expert technicians are at your disposal.