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Biogas plant feed systems for biogas facilities in the agricultural and livestock sectors

In today’s agriculture and animal husbandry sectors, the availability of sustainable, renewable energy sources is increasingly important. In this context, feed systems for biogas plants on crop and livestock farms play a crucial role by making a significant contribution to biogas and biomethane production.

Agricultural material loading systems with screw conveyors

Screw conveyor loading systems stand out for their ability to process a vast range of organic materials from the agricultural/livestock sector, including:

  • livestock waste (horse manure, cattle slurry and manure, pig slurry)
  • agricultural, agro-industrial and fruit-vegetable waste
  • second harvest crops
  • energy crops (e.g. sorghum)
  • silage, and others.

These feed systems are essential to ensure constant, controlled introduction of biomass into the digesters, thus optimising energy production.

Biogas plant feed technology for crop and livestock farms

The loading hoppers, made of high-quality materials like stainless steel, ensure the digester feed process is extremely reliable. The digesters, in turn, are essential for electricity and thermal energy production. The generated energy can be used on-site or fed into the power grid, thus providing a clean, renewable source that helps reduce fossil fuel dependence.
These solid material screw conveyor loading systems are particularly suitable for use on crop and livestock farms.

Are you looking for a first-rate feed system for biogas plants that use agricultural or livestock materials? AGB Biogas is your trusted partner for the design, production and installation of push-floor solid biomass feeders, loading hoppers and screw conveyors!

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