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Biomass screw mixer Eco-Biomixer

The ideal biomass mixer for small biogas plants.

AGB Biogas - miscelatore agricolo eco biomixer

As hard-wearing and reliable as the Biomixer, this biomass mixer stands out on account of its simpler mechanics, making it perfect for small biogas production plants (below 100 kW).

Every last detail of this agricultural mixer is designed to maximize efficiency and simplify work. For example, the discharge hole on the bottom of the tank allows the mixed material to drop by force of gravity, thus preventing any clogging problems.

A hydraulically or manually operated unloading hatch can be fitted.

Biomass screw mixer designed for the most compact biogas plants

This solution offers an excellent combination of practicality, flexibility, quality and price.

The small mixing screw can shred, mix and feed different substrates. This biomass mixer can, on request, be fitted with an adjustable loading hatch, hydraulically or manually controlled, instead of the discharge hole on the bottom.

Extremely hard-wearing

Mixing screws in steel or AISI 304.

Energy savings and efficiency

Compact gearmotor with low consumption.

Guaranteed continuity of operation

Mechanical simplicity ensures ultra-low risk of component failure.

Optional features

Loader cover in galvanized or stainless steel.

Discharge hatch with hydraulic or manual operation.

Want to take a closer look at this biomass screw mixer?

A full description of its characteristics is provided here.